Applied Fiber


Applied Fiber is the world’s leading provider of terminated synthetic fiber tension systems.  Through unique experience and technology, we engineer and manufacture rope, cable, and cord assembly products unmatched in performance, versatility, reliability, and quality.

Our products and technology create new structural alternatives for steel and high strength tension applications.



Our people, systems, and technologies are focused on advancing the means by which high performance synthetic fibers are terminated and processed into complete assemblies.  Through this platform we enable proven, high performance fiber materials to be used in ways never before possible – and we turn this technology into innovative products and system solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers worldwide.

Applied Fiber is the most trusted name in terminated synthetic fiber tension systems.  Our products are utilized where performance, reliability, and quality are essential – whether high volume OEM production or mission critical specialty applications.


Tension Systems

We deliver engineered tension systems for production and specialty applications across Defense, Offshore Oil and Gas, Mining, Medical, Commercial Marine, Energy, Industrial, and OEM markets, among others.

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Synthetic Fiber Cable Rope Terminations