Mooring Systems for Offshore Energy Platforms

With tens of thousands of products working in diverse ocean applications around the globe, and several advanced systems in development for the largest offshore ropes available, Applied Fiber provides our marine clients with unmatched experience, expertise, and innovation. From static mooring ropes to highly dynamic wave and tidal compensating mooring systems, the Applied Fiber team and technology combines unique system design versatility with trusted and reliable underwater performance.

Applied Fiber engineers work with our clients to develop and produce specialized termination and system designs for all kinds of mooring systems.

  • Streamline Rigging Connections
  • Eliminate Expensive Jewelry
  • Reduce Installation Costs
  • Reduce/Eliminate Time on Back Deck Rigging
  • Directly Connect to Interfaces
  • Quickly and Efficiently
  • Reliable and Proven Connection Systems

Whether you are using a TLP, Catenary, or Taut-Leg mooring, Applied Fiber’s new and innovative terminations provide versatile and more productive termination systems for fiber rope moorings.

Contact Applied Fiber today to discuss your needs and your application.