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On The Largest Heavy Equipment and Critical Lifting Systems In The World

Mining Systems

When Performance And Reliability Are Critical.
Applied Fiber synthetic cable systems for open-pit and shaft mining operations… Combining expertise and proven termination technology to deliver high performance synthetic fiber pendant and high strength fiber cable alternatives for safe and reliable long-term use. Purpose engineered Dragline Main and Intermediate Boom Pendants, Off Road Haul Truck Body Tiebacks, Shovel Boom Pendants, Bucketwheel Suspension Cables, Hoisting Lines and Engineered Lifting Cables are tailored made for the equipment and or rugged mining application.

Harness The Inherent Performance Advantages Of Synthetic Fiber Over Steel.
Synthetic fiber cables are significantly lighter with higher strength, dampening, and fatigue life. Applied Fiber products can be configured to improve efficiency, output, and profit.