Applied Fiber

The Global Leader of Terminated Fiber Tension Systems

Enabling Technology for Emerging Industries

Proven Engineered Alternatives to Steel

From Industrial, Medical, Military and OEM Applications

To the Largest Mining and Offshore Systems in the World

and Beyond...

We Are the Global Leader in Terminated Fiber Tension Systems

We are enabling technology for emerging industries with proven engineered alternatives to steel for the largest offshore systems, industrial/OEM, and mining systems in the world.

Applied Fiber is the most trusted company for terminated synthetic fiber systems worldwide. Our Offshore customers and partners depend on Applied Fiber’s technology and experience to consistently deliver reliable performance.

As a provider of mission critical tension systems for Industrial and OEM clients, our business and technology center on engineered solutions to meet demanding specifications.

Applied Fiber manufactures mining cables that provide exceptional returns for mine owners. Maximizing the performance benefits of synthetic fiber ropes and cable.

Global Leaders Choose Applied Fiber

Together we deliver intelligent terminations which capture real-time information that help users monitor performance, support operational needs and validate modeling.

What's New

Applied Fiber is proud to announce it has received Approval of Manufacturing Certificate from DNV

Fiber ropes are generally terminated with a splice which is a manual process, and consequently variable,  requiring highly trained individuals.  Repeatability in high volumes is considered a barrier for synthetic ropes in emerging applications such as floating offshore wind.   Applied Fiber’s revolutionary termination process...

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