Applied Fiber

Bucket-Wheel Pendant Cables

The Applied Fiber Boom Pendants and Discharge Conveyor Support Cables provide excellent dampening on the system reducing machine fatigue on critical components. Easily installed and maintenance free the synthetic cables don’t corrode like steel.

Excellent Dampening – Cables dampen effects of wheel impacts on the pile, ground, and ice.

Reduced Fatigue – of critical equipment components – dampening reduces fatigue.

Optimized Cable Construction – A low elongation braided fiber core allows for bending and flexing without the kink fatigue that occurs with parallel fiber cables.

Less Maintenance – Cables require no lubrication and reduced impact on the boom and mating connections reduces required maintenance.

Sealed and Protected – Cables are extruded with a tough urethane cover to protect the core strength member.

Length Precision – Applied Fiber Cables are manufactured with precision length tolerances to ensure balanced load sharing.

Lightweight – Easy to handle and install and less weight on the system overall.

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