Applied Fiber

Engineered Lift Cables

Applied Fiber’s development of compact and versatile terminations for large synthetic fiber ropes and cables allows for versatile and robust connection options similar to wire rope options available today. Applied Fiber lifting cables are well suited for numerous engineered lift applications. The system provides the strength and robustness of steel through use of the Applied Fiber high strength terminations designed for fiber rope and takes advantage of the numerous ergonomic benefits of synthetic fiber rope which weighs approximately 5X less than steel wire. This synergy allows for a completed cable assembly that provides workers an easy to use and handle assembly that provides numerous safety benefits on the mine site.

Lightweight – Easy to Handle at Elevation
Reduced Weight and Easy Handling at Elevation – No need to connect multiple components overhead. No twist fighting or misalignment because of stiff and cumbersome wire rope. No pins or heavy shackles to handle, lose or drop at elevation.

Misuse Prevention / Engineered Safety
Purpose engineered to mitigate the potential for typical operator misuse. Further designed to typically indicate gross misuse and / or abuse – helping warn operators that the product should be pulled from service. Hardened steel contact points combined with lightweight synthetic cable ensure the cable will not be pulled over tight bends or sharp edges, a common misuse of synthetic slings.

Shackle Free – Self Contained Hardware
Fully integrated fork clevis and spring shackle eye mean no lost pins and a quick and efficient connection.

Advanced Inspection Overload and Wear Indication
Multi-layer Go / No Go Inspection. Easy to use overload indication is built in to the fork clevis and integrated shackle eye for added safety and security.

Advanced Fiber Protection
High strength polyurethane cover keeps dirt debris out protecting the core strength member. Does not absorb water and freeze or lose strength when wet.

Worker Safety
Can easily coil and carry. No Broken Wires for Fishooks or Jaggers, Reduced Pinch Points and Crush Weights.