Applied Fiber

Synthetic Hoist Lines

Applied Fiber hoist lines integrate the benefits of advanced high strength synthetic rope with a proven termination that is engineered for the application. The Applied Fiber termination allows for seamless integration of typical rigging that is used with steel wire and eliminates a long splice.

The Benefits Are Numerous:

  • Weight reduction: up to 7X that over steel
  • Eliminate Splice Length: Allows more clearance
  • Integrate Existing Rigging: Termination provides durable connection to existing rigging
  • Advanced Inspection and Cable Monitoring: Applied Fiber end terminations incorporate rope inspection and cable monitoring options that improve safety from day one of installation.
  • More Payload Capacity: Reduced rigging weight allows the equipment to lift more
  • Greater Flexibility: Reduced bend fatigue and potential for smaller design envelope
  • Longer Life: Better fatigue resistance and no corrosion leads to longer cable life
  • No Bird Caging: Bird caging is a factor in early retirement of wire rope
  • Lower Maintenance: No grease required
  • Faster Installation and Removal: Easier than wire rope saving time and money
  • Improved Safety and Reduced Risk: Easy to handle and lighter weight – reduces work place injuries – back and hand injuries are common as a result of handling wire rope