Applied Fiber

Tower Stay / Guying Systems

Synthetic fiber cable and rope assemblies designed for tower applications significantly improve electrical insulation, corrosion resistance, and weight when compared to traditional materials. Because of their low dielectric properties, these cables are nearly invisible to radio waves, and typical guy line interference can be mitigated. The insulation properties also reduce potential for arcing, galvanic corrosion, and electrical safety hazards. The lightweight and flexible cables are easily assembled and disassembled for mobile solutions as well as fixed stations.

Applied Fiber structural cable assemblies are trusted by leading defense and OEM clients for engineered tower stay used in climates and conditions around the world. Utilizing the same geometry as typical steel cable fittings, Applied Fiber synthetic tower cables can be designed to drop into any existing systems.

  • Towers / Guy Systems
  • Mobile Towers Systems
  • Telescoping Antennas
  • Fixed Towers
  • Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Guy Lines
  • Electrically Insulated Cable Applications
  • Static and Dynamic Structural Applications

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