Applied Fiber

Structural & Architectural

Structural & Architectural Cable Solutions
An unparalleled selection of high performance, synthetic fiber design alternatives precision lengths that do not change over time. Engineering design expertise to help ensure predictable performance over planned periods and environmental conditions.

Terminations / End Fittings
Standard and customized hardware solutions include:

  • Eyes
  • Forks
  • Ball Ends
  • Threaded Stops
  • Threaded Studs
  • Toggle Ends
  • Swivel Eyes
  • Clevis and Pin
  • Integrated Turnbuckles
  • Rotating / Swiveling and Pivoting Connections
  • In Line Pre-Tensioning Devices
  • Quick Connection Attachments
  • Quick Release Attachments
  • Mid-Span Connections
  • Chain and Strap Connections
  • Standard Wire Connections
  • Swage Fitting Connections

Rope / Cable: Applied Fiber also provides standard and customized rope/cable solutions covering every major fiber type, rope/cable construction and jacket material – from 0.004” (.1 mm) to 5” (127mm).

Jacketing Material / Coatings: Applied Fiber commonly supplies cables with extruded jackets, urethane coatings, or a fiber over-braid to protect the core strength member. Custom jackets or coatings can be made to nearly any color and provide exceptional protection against harsh environments.

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