Standard Products

Applied Fiber offers standard cable, rope, and termination products that can be built up as a final cable assembly to suit many typical applications.

Rope / Cable

Applied Fiber manufactures cable assemblies ranging from 0.004” (.1 mm) to 5” (127mm) diameters in varying fiber types and constructions.

Jacketing Material / Coatings

Applied Fiber commonly supplies cables with extruded jackets, urethane coatings, or a fiber over-braid to protect the core strength member. The jacketing provides exceptional protection against harsh environments.

Terminations / End Fittings

Applied Fiber offers hundreds of fitting combinations including Eyes, Forks, Threaded Studs, Stops, Ball stops, Hooks, Turnbuckles and more. Terminations are available in a number of materials, finishes, and sizes.

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Synthetic Fiber Cable Rope fitting combinations
Synthetic Cable Fittings
Synthetic Fiber Cable Rope Terminations