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Applied Fiber Manufacturing provides Vectran rope and improves its strength through both its innovative termination end fitting technology and rope assembly processing technology.

Vectran rope has exceptional strength combined with ultra-low creep and elongation. For this reason, Vectran fiber is commonly used for long-term static and dynamic load situations where precision consistent length over time is a key factor.

Vectran fiber is made of LCP, liquid crystal polymer, and beyond the high strength and low creep properties the fiber exhibits: high modulus, high melting temperature, excellent tensile and bend fatigue resistance, excellent cut resistance, high flexibility, low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) and high dielectric strength.

The fiber can be twisted or braided into a number of rope, cord and braid constructions. Vectran Rope is often made up of a twelve strand braid or a double braid construction, although custom engineered constructions are also available to meet specific design requirements.

Termination of high modulus fiber like Vectran rope has long been a great challenge faced by many engineers as the rope will often fail at the terminal because of the poor efficiency of the termination method. A knot for example can reduce the rope’s strength by up to 50% and continue to slip over time due to the fiber’s inherent properties. When used in tension, rope and cords are only as strong as their connection. Applied Fiber provides a highly efficient means to terminate or add end fittings to Vectran rope – producing finished assemblies that are unparalleled and provide exceptional connection versatility.

Applied Fiber utilizes patented technologies to apply end fittings or terminations to Vectran rope and other high modulus fiber ropes in a tightly controlled manufacturing environment producing consistent and predictable results that are tested and measured.

Applied Fiber manufactures precision cut to length and terminated Vectran rope assemblies that can serve as a drop-in replacement for existing customer applications. Applied Fiber provides engineered rope and termination solutions for its customers worldwide. Kuraray, the manufacturer of Vectran fiber, recognizes the technology to maximize strength efficiency of its fiber in a rope or cord application and recommends Applied Fiber as a termination and assembly expert.

Contact or Email to review your tension application and Applied Fiber can recommend the most suitable rope and termination combination for your tension solution requirements.

Vectran is a registered trademark of Kuraray.