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Applied Fiber manufactures Twaron rope assemblies designed to meet the most demanding applications and environments with superior break strength efficiency and solution engineering through its cutting edge end fitting and assembly processing technologies.

Twaron rope is an excellent candidate for static and structural applications demanding high strength and stiffness or heat resistance at competitive costs. Twaron fiber is considered to be in the aramid family and exhibits similar properties to Dupont Kevlar. While the fiber has been successfully used in many forms, such as tires and bullet-proof vests, its unique tensile attributes make it well suited for use in a tensile structure, such as Twaron rope. Outstanding dimensional stability at high temperatures also makes Twaron rope an excellent choice for tensile members in high heat applications. Applied Fiber offers terminated Twaron rope assemblies designed and engineered to meet application-specific requirements.

Twaron fiber can be twisted or braided into a number of rope constructions in order to achieve certain handling characteristics, abrasion resistance, or flex fatigue attributes, including 8 and 12 strand braids, double-braids, parallel designs, and other engineered constructions. The fiber is available in many different grades; Twaron 1000, 1052, 2200 and 2300, each type with mechanical characteristics (modulus and tensile strength) that make them more suitable for specific applications. There are also several different fiber finishes available, accounting for usage considerations and environmental conditions. Twaron ropes are commonly used as a high performance alterative to steel ropes, especially when high temperature resistance, low weight, low electrical conductivity and interference properties, no corrosion, excellent cut resistance, low stretch, or higher strength is needed.

Terminating high modulus fiber ropes like Twaron rope has historically been a challenge due to the fiber’s unique sensitivity. When loaded in tension, the rope will only be as strong as its end fitting, which establishes the imperative for creating rope terminations of high mechanical strength. For example, a Twaron rope commonly experiences a loss in break strength of over 50% when knotted. In addition, the knotted rope efficiency can also degrade further over time as the fibers weaken under concentrated compressive stresses. In addition, traditional and standard rope terminations yield limited means of connectivity, and often force designers to use undesirable dimensions at the terminals or connection points. Historically, rope terminations have been the primary hurdle to overcome to take full advantage of the benefits of high modulus synthetic rope. Today, Applied Fiber provides a highly efficient and repeatable means to terminate rope – producing finished Twaron rope assemblies that are unmatched in performance and connection versatility.

Applied Fiber provides engineered rope and termination solutions for its customers worldwide, utilizing patented and proprietary technologies to apply high strength end fittings to Twaron rope and other high modulus fibers in a tightly controlled manufacturing environment.

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Twaron is a trademark of Teijin Kevlar is a trademark of Dupont