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Technora Rope Assemblies
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Applied Fiber manufactures Technora rope assemblies with superior break strength efficiency through its advanced termination or end fitting technology and assembly processing technologies.

Technora fiber is an Aramid fiber which handles high temperature better than other high modulus fibers. Technora rope maintains exceptional dimensional stability at elevated temperatures making Technora rope an outstanding choice for tensile members in high heat applications. Applied Fiber offers Technora rope and terminated rope assemblies designed and engineered to meet specific customer requirements.

Technora fiber can be twisted or braided in to a number of rope constructions including 8 and 12 strand braids. The fiber is available in several different grades; Technora T200, T200W, T240B, and T221, each grade with different characteristics that make them more suitable for specific applications. There are also several different fiber finishes available to account for usage considerations and environmental conditions. Technora ropes are commonly used as a high performance alterative to steel ropes, especially when high temperature resistance, low weight, low electrical conductivity and interference properties, no corrosion, excellent cut resistance, low stretch, superior dynamic load handling, or higher strength is needed. In addition Technora electromechanical ropes are commonly used for many high temperature applications where a strength member is needed to run alongside electronics or fiber optics to carry any tensile loads.

Termination of high modulus fiber ropes like Technora rope has historically been a challenge due to the fiber’s unique sensitivity. When loaded in tension, the rope will only be as strong as its end fitting, which establishes the imperative for having rope terminations of high mechanical strength. For example, a Technora rope can experience a reduction in break strength of more than 50% with the use of a knot. In addition, traditional and standard rope terminations yield limited means of connectivity and often force designers to use undesirable dimensions at the terminals or connection points. Applied Fiber provides a highly efficient and repeatable means to terminate rope – producing finished Technora rope assemblies that are unmatched in performance and connection versatility.

Applied Fiber provides engineered rope and termination solutions for its customers worldwide, utilizing patented and proprietary technologies to apply end fittings to Technora rope and other high modulus fibers in a tightly controlled manufacturing environment.

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Technora is a trademark of Teijin