Applied Fiber

Protective Barrier – Cable Jackets and Coatings

Custom Extrusions, Braided Jackets, Coatings
Many Strength Members are coated or jacketed to provide additional protection. This added protection in many cases effectively increases the life of the cable, without compromising its effectiveness. Our engineers can specifically tailor these barriers to change the overall cable’s flexibility, durability, and coefficient of friction.

External Abrasion Resistance
Extruded and braided jackets offer excellent abrasion resistance from objects. Since these barriers do not contribute to the synthetic cable’s strength, any superficial damage does not affect the cable’s performance.

Internal Abrasion
Extruded jackets provide excellent barriers from foreign material, such as dirt and debris, migrating into the core strength member.

Cable Stiffness
Both Extruded and braided jackets offer a means to alter the inherent flexibility of the core strength member. They both can be designed to approach the stiffness or wire rope/cable.

UV Resistance
Protective barrier can provide complete resistance to UV rays.