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Applied Fiber Manufacturing provides PBO cable and PBO cable assemblies. Applied Fiber maximizes the strength of PBO cable through its termination or end fitting technology and its assembly manufacturing capabilities.

PBO cable is most notably known for exceptionally high modulus, strength, and length stability – making the fiber a prime candidate for ultra-high performance applications wherein a limited lifespan is acceptable.

PBO fiber available via the trade name Zylon by Toyobo has the highest modulus and highest strength of the performance fibers available. PBO rigging can be strength and stiffness matched to replace steel rod and wire rigging and is a fraction of the weight of steel.

PBO cables have a number of benefits including excellent strength, high-modulus, low weight, extreme temperature resistance, flame resistance, ultra-low creep (length stability), low electrical conductivity, and chemical resistance. PBO Fiber is sensitive to UV light exposure and moisture when combined with heat, thus all Applied Fiber PBO cables carry appropriate barrier protection.

Termination of high modulus fiber like PBO cable has historically been a challenge due to the fiber’s unique sensitivity. A knot for example will typically reduce the cables initial strength by over 50%, and continue to degrade with cyclical loading. When used in tension, the cable or rope is only as strong as its termination. Applied Fiber provides a highly efficient and repeatable means to terminate cable – producing finished PBO cable assemblies that are unparalleled in performance and connection versatility.

Applied Fiber utilizes patented and proprietary technologies to apply end fittings or terminations to PBO cable and other high modulus fibers in a tightly controlled manufacturing environment, producing consistent and predictable results.

Applied Fiber provides custom engineered cable and termination solutions for its customers worldwide. In addition to customer specific solutions, Applied Fiber exclusively produces Powerlite PBO Rigging, an advanced alternative to steel found on performance racing boats worldwide. Additional information on this marine-specific product can be found under

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Zylon is a registered trademark of Toyobo