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Applied Fiber provides Kevlar line and Kevlar line assemblies, and improves strength through numerous advancements in the field of termination or end fitting technology and assembly manufacturing technologies.

Kevlar fiber can be twisted or braided in to a number of line, cord and rope constructions. The fiber is available in several different grades, such as Kevlar 29 for standard modulus, Kevlar 129 for high tenacity, Kevlar 49 for high modulus, and Kevlar 119 for high elongation. Each grade is available with several different finishes to account for usage considerations. Kevlar lines are commonly used as a high performance alterative to steel lines, especially when low weight, no corrosion, good electrical insulation, reduction in interference, safe handling, or higher strength is needed. In addition Kevlar electromechanical lines are very common for many applications where a strength member is needed to run alongside electronics or fiber optics to carry any tensile loads.

Termination of high modulus fiber like Kevlar line has historically been a challenge due to the fiber’s unique sensitivity. A knot for example will typically reduce the lines strength by over 50%. When used in tension, the line or rope is only as strong as its end fitting. Applied Fiber provides a highly efficient and repeatable means to terminate line – producing finished Kevlar line assemblies that are unparalleled in performance and connection versatility.

Applied Fiber utilizes patented and proprietary technologies to apply end fittings or terminations to Kevlar line and other high modulus fibers in a tightly controlled manufacturing environment, producing consistent and predictable results.

Applied Fiber provides engineered line and termination solutions for its customers worldwide. Dupont recognizes the technology to maximize strength efficiency of Kevlar line and recommends Applied Fiber as a termination and assembly expert.

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