Applied Fiber

Fiber Rope Termination

Applied Fiber specializes in the development of synthetic fiber rope termination on all kinds of high performance fiber ropes like Spectra, Dyneema, Kevlar, Technora, Twaron, Vectran and PBO ropes. Rope end fittings and rope terminations that were not previously available are now because of the Applied Fiber technology.

Knots and crimp terminations on high performance rope can reduce the breaking strength of the rope by over 50%. Knots provide very low efficiency are unpredictable and can seat and slip.

Applied Fiber’s rope termination end fitting technology makes it possible to bond metal terminations on a fiber rope. The end fittings provide a secure connection and maintains the breaking strength efficiency of the rope.

The terminations are compact and can be engineered to connect easily to the structure or device for a range of applications. This opens up numerous applications for the use of high performance synthetic rope, cords, and cable.

End fittings used in the steel wire rope industry for over 100 years can now be applied to fiber ropes and cables. We provide numerous types of end fitting and can design a custom termination for your application.

Termination options include: Threaded Studs, Marine Eyes, Stamped Eyes, Forks, Toggles, Stem Balls, Ball Shanks, Ball Stop, Cylindrical Stops, Bells in all sizes, dimensions and materials. Terminals and Connection Hardware.

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The Applied Fiber rope termination system is unmatched in performance and quality.

If you are looking for a rope termination option and completed assemblies that will perform and last, contact us today.

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