Applied Fiber

Composite Terminations

Setting The New Standard In The Cable Industry
Applied fiber specializes in the manufacturing and terminating of tightly controlled, high volume synthetic cable assemblies. Our pursuit of a consistent mass-produced synthetic cable has led to the development of the industry’s most refined termination product and process. Applied Fiber patented technology sets the standard for the production of synthetic cable assemblies using end fittings and termination hardware found in steel and wire applications.

Benefits – Smaller, Lighter , Stronger
Compared to mechanical terminals, the Applied Fiber system is unsurpassed

Extensive process advancements and exceptionally high standards for quality control produce finished cable assemblies with consistent breaking strengths and failure modes.

Length Stability and Tolerance

Our system is manufactured to and holds length tolerances that set new industry standards.

Environmental Stability
Composite Terminations are stable through changes in time, temperature, or loading

Safety Engineering
Both the anchor and the composite materials are over engineered and FEA tested to prevent possible failure at the terminal. The cable itself is typically designed to be the mode of failure.