Applied Fiber

Carbon Cable – Cable Assembly Manufacturing

Applied Fiber Manufacturing provides carbon cable and custom engineered carbon cable assemblies with industry leading termination and assembly technology.

Carbon fiber is typically made through the thermal processing of the polymer polyacrylonitrile (PAN). In the PAN fiber market, there are two main grades available – industrial and aerospace – from which several variations have been created to better suit certain applications. The fiber is most often used in combination with plastics to form highly rigid, strong, lightweight components and can be found in race cars, boat hulls, airplanes, and spacecraft. The fiber is also suitable in carbon cable.

Carbon cable is non-corrosive and extremely stable in long lasting in harsh environmental conditions. The fiber has an exceptionally high modulus of elasticity, exceeding that of steel. With zero creep, low stretch, low elasticity, and thermal resistance exceeding steel, carbon cable is an attractive material choice for its outstanding mechanical characteristics. However, while the stiffness of carbon cable makes it an excellent candidate for pure static tension applications, carbon cable is not suggested for cyclic bending and dynamic tension applications.

Applied Fiber utilizes patented and proprietary technologies to apply end fittings or terminations to carbon cable in a tightly controlled manufacturing environment producing consistent and predictable results that are tested and measured.

Applied Fiber provides its customers precision cut to length and terminated fiber cable assemblies that can simply drop into their own products. Applied Fiber provides engineered cable and termination solutions for its customers worldwide.

Contact or Email us to review your tension application and Applied Fiber can recommend the most suitable cable and termination combination for your tension solution requirements.