Synthetic Pendant Advantages: Financial Savings and Returns

Dampen Boom Jacking: Synthetic fiber reduces shock loads and machine component fatigue, translates into longer life of ropes and mating components.

Reduce Boom and Machine Fatigue: Synthetic pendants absorb vibration in the load path. This greatly reduces the metal fatigue on the structure over its service life.

Reduce Welding: Synthetic fiber dampens vibration and reduces stress cracking.

Increased Lifespan Over Steel: Synthetic fiber handles tension and bend cycling better than wire.

Increased Safety Factor: Synthetic fiber design offers higher strength than steel wire.

Reduce Installation Cost: 1/4 labor needed to handle and install the cables and less crane time/capacity required. More time between installs means less downtime and cost savings.

Dramatic Weight Reduction: Decrease overall install time and lower crane capacity required. Dyneema® DM20 fiber has the best strength to weight ratio for this demanding application.

Safer Handling: Lower weight and high flexibility allows the rope to be easily be positioned on the boom. No fighting twisted sockets or steel wire.

Reliable Performance: Field visible inspection and wear indication.

Reduce Unexpected Downtime: the numerous performance advantages translate into lower impacts on the system overall providing less downtime and longer life.

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