Applied Fiber Synthetic Boom Pendants Video

Applied Fiber’s synthetic Main Boom Pendants are an industry first for the global mining market. These pendants are built using DSM Dyneema’s revolutionary DM20 fiber, constructed into a strength member by Lankhorst Ropes and the final cable assembly is engineered with Applied Fiber’s termination technology. Our synthetic pendants have proven benefits of reducing damaging dynamic forces associated with steel pendants while increasing production – a percentage of weight savings placed back in the bucket without increasing boom compression.

Details of Dragline in This Video
Marion 8200, 87 Cu. Yd (67 Cu. meters) Bucket, 350 Ft (106 meters) Boom

More Mining Product Information:

Applied Fiber offers several mining industry products including rope shovel pendant cables, haultruck tieback cables, towing, lifting and hoist cables. View the products below or Contact Us today to learn more.