Cloud Peak Energy Generates Compelling ROI with
Applied Fiber Synthetic Main Dragline Pendants

Cloud Peak Energy installed the first set of synthetic fiber main boom pendants on its Marion 8200 dragline two years ago – with numerous benefits demonstrating a compelling ROI. The first system recently completed the second annual inspection and shows that it is on track to far outpace the life of steel wire in this rigorous application. With both an increase in production and substantial reduction in boom cracking, Cloud Peak Energy has since converted two additional draglines to Applied Fiber Pendants.

Applied Fiber Main Pendants on Marion 8200 Dragline

The main pendants support the massive boom and loading bucket on a common bottleneck for surface mining operations. The conversion from steel wire pendants to synthetic fiber pendants has provided numerous financial and operational benefits – attributed to the dramatic weight advantage and dampening characteristics of synthetic fiber. Applied Fiber’s synthetic main boom pendants are made with Dyneema® DM20 fiber which is seven times stronger than steel wire rope at the same weight, providing exceptional dampening to system movement. The highly analyzed and engineered offering nearly mutes normal pendant and boom bouncing, addressing many historical issues with dragline boom fatigue on a critical $100M production asset… while at the same time increasing output potential.

“This is not just a change of material, from steel wire to synthetic rope; these pendants are a productivity tool and have provided advantages from day one. They have increased capacity of the dragline, reduced the stresses on the overall system and are providing numerous operational and financial returns that were not expected” says Jim Pumphrey, VP Industrial Products, Applied Fiber.

Cloud Peak has wasted no time taking advantage of the benefits as they have recently outfitted two more draglines in their fleet with fiber main pendants making a total of three ( 2- Marion 8200 and 1- Bucyrus 1570) draglines. In fact, they retired a set of steel pendants two years early to realize the gains generated from Applied Fiber pendants.

“Cloud Peak predicted and now has validated through actual performance an ROI in less than two years”, says Pumphrey “and while no two mines or pieces of equipment are exactly the same, the returns and benefits are quantifiable. We have worked with our customers and industry experts to define the benefits of a conversion to synthetic pendants and developed an ROI calculator for our clients. This tool helps quantify the returns. Elements such as 1) Increased Payload, 2) Reduced Maintenance Cost, 3) Reduce Welding and Downtime Cost, 4) Extended Pendant Life Cycle, 5) Deferred Boom Laydown, 6) Extending Life on other wear components are all considerations for the calculator and help mine owners, maintenance, and production managers make informed decisions.”

Applied Fiber manufactures the fiber pendants from a specialized production facility, integrating the termination / end-fitting technology with a world class production testing process to ensure the pendant ropes are perfectly matched in length and tension to carry out this high load, high cycle application. The one of a kind test bed is 183 meters (600 feet) long and has capability to tension and pre-stress pendants to nearly 950 metric tons, (two million lbs.) tension in advance of shipment.

“The Dyneema® DM20 fiber used in this pendant solution is specifically designed for demanding applications that require high performance and long lifetime” says Nico Janssen, Segment Manager, DSM Dyneema, “Applied Fiber’s highly efficient fiber rope end fittings perfectly match with the fiber’s performance and are the driving force behind this solution for the mining industry.”
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