Arizona Copper Mine Sees Benefits
of Shock Damping Fiber Pendants

A copper mining company in Arizona recently installed a Shock Damping Fiber Pendant set on its 4100 shovel. The fiber pendants were part of a recent shovel refurbishment.

The overhaul was done by Elko Wire Rope and involved complete undecking of the electric shovel that included replacement of all undercarriage parts and replacement of the steel wire pendants with the new shock damping fiber pendants. The pendants were developed by Applied Fiber in collaboration with WireCo WorldGroup and DSM.

“Mining is tough on these machines; the shovel often requires considerable repair from regular shock loading,” says Ed Gower, Vice President of Technical Services for WireCo WorldGroup. “The boom is jacked or rocks fall into the dipper, significant forces are transferred into the entire machine which damages the boom and many integrated components. Fiber pendants substantially reduce the shock loads resulting in less fatigue cracking and less downtime. The pendants can help extend the life of the shovel.”

Synthetic fiber absorbs impact energy better than steel with over 12 times the damping, and provides a fatigue life that is twice that of steel wire. The fiber pendants were made with Lankhorst Ropes and use Dyneema® DM20 fiber, which combines the strength and weight advantages of Dyneema® and is specifically designed for use in long lasting, permanently loaded applications. Shock load testing confirmed that peak loads were one-half that of steel.

A detailed inspection of the pendants was recently completed after nine months of operation. The inner strands in the bend zone and overall termination system remains in the same condition as when it left the factory.

“The mine reports a noticeable reduction in machine vibration, fatigue and welding repairs. The shovel operators are thrilled with the shock damping benefits of the pendants; one recently stated that it was the smoothest shovel they have ever been on,” says Paul Badeau, VP Sales for Applied Fiber.

Click on the video below to see the Shovel operating with the shock damping pendants installed.

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Shock Damping Shovel Pendants

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