Applied Fiber and Cortland Breakthrough-
100 Percent Efficient Terminations for Large Rope

Applied Fiber, with close cooperation with Cortland, has solved the historical challenge of large rope socketed terminations – achieving 100% rated rope efficiency in a compact package.

This milestone creates a step change in steel-to-fibre conversion. Previously, large fibre ropes have been limited to spliced end connections with thimbles and other large rigging hardware. In cases such as crane lines and pendants where wire sockets are used, suitable termination options simply did not exist, until now.

Applied Fiber Termination and Cortland Rope Testing in Norway

The industry’s first offering for reliable and versatile terminations on large rope is now available on Cortland’s Plasma 12×12 strand product line. Applied Fiber’s terminations achieve 100% of Plasma rope’s rated strength allowing users to take full advantage of fibre rope properties. Applied Fiber’s enabling technology introduces many new termination options for synthetic fibre rope, including multi-point inspection, overload indication, interchangeable and reusable connections, and integrated hardware. The termination process allows for the production of terminated ropes with length tolerances to millimeter precision, simply not achievable with current splicing methods.

This breakthrough has been built off a long-standing partnership between Applied Fiber and Cortland, with over a decade of experience in applying the core termination technology across a broad range of markets and critical applications. Luis Padilla, Global Engineering and Technology Leader for Cortland, stated, “The unique advantages of Cortland’s 12×12 Plasma rope combined with Applied Fiber’s termination are key enablers for various new applications in the Oil and Gas markets.”

About Applied Fiber

Applied Fiber is the leading company for terminated synthetic fiber tension systems worldwide. The company’s advanced products are utilized where performance and reliability are essential. Whether high volume OEM production or mission critical specialty applications, Applied Fiber® delivers engineered tension systems across Mining, Defense, Offshore Oil and Gas, Medical, Commercial Marine, Energy, and Industrial markets, among others.

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