Applied Fiber Technology
High strength synthetic fibers are utilized across most industries due to their unique properties and performance over steel.  These fibers are used to produce high performance ropes and cables in demanding applications, with proven reliability and decades of use.  Applied Fiber termination and processing technologies advance performance, versatility, and reliability of complete tension systems made from synthetic fibers.  Through leading experience and technology we produce high performance alternatives to traditional fiber rope, steel wire, chain, and rod.

Fiber Performance Advantages over Steel
• Lighter Weight – 1/5 to 1/10 Steel
• Higher Strength
• Greater Flexibility
• No Kinking
• No Corrosion
• Non Conductive
• Non Magnetic
• Tighter Bends / Smaller Pulleys
• Safer and Faster Handling
• No Splinters/Jaggers
• Improved Dampening