Synthetic Pendant Advantages That Translate Into Significant Financial Savings And Returns

Dampen Boom Jacking: Synthetic fiber reduces shock loads and machine component fatigue, translates into longer life of ropes and mating components.

Reduce Boom and Machine Fatigue: Synthetic pendants absorb vibration in the load path. This greatly reduces the metal fatigue on the structure over its service life.

Increased Lifespan Over Steel: Overall cost savings compared to multiple pendant replacements and installs

Increased Breaking Strength by 50%: 1.5X Breaking strength: Improves safety factors and sub-rope interchangeability.

Reduce Installation Cost: 1/4 labor needed to handle and install the cables, less crane time/capacity required.

Dramatic Weight Reduction: Decrease overall install time and lower crane capacity required.

Safer Handling: Lower weight and high flexibility allows the rope to be handled by hand. No fish hooks or jaggers and the lines and terminations can easily be positioned on the boom. No fighting twisted sockets or steel wire.

Reliable Performance: Field visible inspection and wear indication.

Improve Risk Mitigation and Reduce Unexpected Downtime: the numerous performance advantages translate into lower impacts on the system overall providing longer life and less downtime.

In addition to Shovel Pendants – Applied Fiber also offers Mobile Crane Pendants.
View a video of the crane pendants in operation.

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