Synthetic Hoist Lines

Applied Fiber hoist lines integrate the benefits of advanced high strength synthetic rope with a proven termination that is engineered for the application.

The Benefits Are Numerous:

  • Weight reduction: up to 7 X that over steel
  • More Payload Capacity: Reduced rigging weight allows the equipment to lift more
  • Greater Flexibility: Reduced bend fatigue and potential for smaller design envelope
  • Longer Life: Better fatigue resistance and no corrosion leads to longer cable life
  • No Bird Caging: Bird caging is a factor in early retirement of wire rope
  • Lower Maintenance: No grease required
  • Termination Options: Versatile options that drop in
  • Faster Installation and Removal: Easier than wire rope saving time and money
  • Improved Safety and Reduced Risk: Easy to handle and lighter weight – reduce work place injuries – back and hand injuries are common as a result of handling wire rope
  • Advanced Inspection and Cable Monitoring: Applied Fiber end terminations incorporate rope inspection and cable monitoring options that improve safety from day one of installation.

In addition to Hoist Lines, check out the Applied Fiber Crane Pendant lines.

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