Lifting Systems Overview:  Applied Fiber provides advanced lifting systems for numerous industrial, marine, and defense applications – improving safety, productivity, and reliability, whether 500 lbs or over 5,000,000 lbs.  Applied Fiber lifting systems can be left outdoors without losing strength, and combine many unique features over traditional lifting products:

  • Integrated Connection Hardware
  • Overload Indication and Load Monitoring
  • Outside-in, Go/No-Go Inspection Technology
  • Shackle Free, Tool-Free Connect / Disconnect Options
  • Robust Protection: Metal Ends and Multi-Stage Jacketing
  • Easier and Quicker to Handle
  • Reliability Engineering

While many variations exist, most Applied Fiber lifting systems are purpose engineered to overcome the traditional safety and performance drawbacks with steel wire / chain and traditional synthetic fiber round slings.

Advantages Over Steel  

Handling Speed & Safety

  • Reduced Handling Weight
  • No Cable Torsion /Twist Fighting
  • No Kinking & Misalignment Fighting
  • No Broken Wire “Fish-Hooks” / ”Jaggers”
  • No Shackle Weight to Elevate and Maneuver
  • No Pins/Wrenches/Shackles to Handle
  • Reduced Pinch Points and Crush Weights
  • Improved Field Use with a Single Operator

Whether engineering a special-purpose lift or developing a new product, contact us to learn how Applied Fiber can help improve safety, productivity, and reliability.